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May 9th, 2018

Wallace announces endorsements from three high- ranking elected officials- Sheriff Bill Waybourn of Tarrant County, where Wallace is a prosecutor and Sheriff Chuck Edge of Ellis County.

Wallace also announces the endorsement of the mayor of Waxahachie, Kevin Strength, in support of William "Doug" Wallace for District Judge 378th, in Ellis County, TX.



JANUARY 19, 2018

Last night Ellis County voters turned out to hear Republican candidates in each of the contested Ellis County races at a Meet & Greet Forum put on by the Ellis County Republican Women. 


In the race for the 378th Judicial District Court Ellis County voters received two separate and distinct messages. The first message was "business as usual"; a Judicial District Court held hostage and artificially limited to family law. Second, a vision of the future in which the 378th Judicial District Court lives up to its full potential and handles any and all family, civil, or criminal matters that it is called upon to hear. 


The State of Texas created the 378th as a Judicial District Court, and not as a Family District Court, for the specific purpose of giving Ellis County a court that could handle all matters required by the legal community of Ellis County. Artificially limiting the 378th to family law as the county grows will hasten the need for an additional District Court to handle matters that the 378th could not hear. Ellis County taxpayers are entitled to be served well by their court system and not taxed to pay for new courts caused by the poor management of a single district court.


We should ask more of our Courts, not our taxpayers!


The race for District Judge of the 378th is a choice between the status quo or a vision for the future in which the 378th is accountable to the Ellis County voter and taxpayer to deliver on the mandate of its commission. All that is necessary to move the 378th into the future is to select the candidate that has Civil, Criminal, Complex Civil, and Family law experience... there is only one choice. My name is Doug Wallace and I am asking for your vote on May 22nd, 2018 to become the next District Judge of the 378th Judicial District Court.

JANUARY 5, 2018

William D. Wallace, lead counsel for the State of Texas v. Alexis Vasquez, obtained a 4 year penitentiary sentence in a 2016 "owner give-up" vehicle arson. 

This comes on the heals of a 25 year penitentiary sentence obtained in August in State of Texas v. Michael Blue in a serial arson case.

JANUARY 3, 2018

William D. Wallace, lead counsel for the State of Texas v. Nancy Carroll, concluded the matter with a 10 year prison sentence for Ms. Carroll, aka, the Millennium Mobster, and obtained a record $8,605,001.79 restitution order against Ms. Carroll.


Meet and Greet Fundraiser

Monday, April 16 at 5:30 pm-7:30 pm.

Fixture Kitchen & Social Lounge, 401 West Magnolia Ave, Fort Worth, Texas 76104

Speakers: General Council, Ben E. Keith Company Craig Woodcook and Sheriff Bill Waybourn

Meet and Greet

110 Magnolia Drive, Waxahachie, Texas 75165

Sunday, April 29

2 pm to 5 pm

Come and Go

I appreciate your continued support for District Judge,

378th Judicial District Court

My name is Doug Wallace and I am running for re-election for District Judge of the 378th Judicial District Court. I have the integrity, breadth of experience, and sound, respectful temperament necessary to continue to serve the citizens of Ellis County honorably.

My staff and I have worked hard since being appointed to this office by Governor Abbott and we will continue to make a significant impact in this important judicial role for the citizens of Ellis County. 

I am committed to conservatively and strictly reading the law and applying it equally to all parties before the Court.


Political ad paid for by

William D. Wallace Campaign

P.O. Box 387

Waxahachie, Texas 75168

in compliance with the voluntary limits of the Judicial Campaign Fairness Act

Billie S. Wallace, Treasurer